Funkdom happens to the best of us. You know what I mean. It’s  Monday morning; you’ve overslept and really don’t want to go to work; it’s raining and traffic is not moving. Stress heightens as you ruminate about all you have to do this week, and before you even get to work, it’s official–you’re in a FUNK!

Fear not–before you throw the towel in on this day, consider that shifting out of it is always a possibility. The next time you feel a funk coming on, try one of these tips to help you shift:

Tap Into Your Senses

One of the primary ways we take in energy and expand our awareness. Simply giving yourself two minutes to tap into one of your senses can create a dramatic shift. 

·      Sound–Play music that soothes and uplifts you. Close your eyes and focus solely on what you hear.


·       Sight–Take a moment to notice beauty around you. Notice what you see in nature, or look at a picture that brings back a fond memory or art that inspires you. Use an image that sparks a smile in you.  Save it on your computer as your screensaver.  With a soft gaze, tune everything out but what you see in front of you. Let them image bring you back to your inner smile.

·      Smell–Essential oils are great for shifting energy and mood. Try lavender when you feel stressed or bergamot or wild orange when you want to uplift. Simply place a drop on your palms, rub together, and breathe in.

·      Touch–Keep a polished stone in your desk. When you’re stressed, close your eyes, rub between your thumb and index finger.

·      Taste–Place one small piece of dark chocolate on your tongue, close your eyes, and taste while letting the chocolate melt in your mouth.

Use Your Mind to Change Your Story

We think 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day, many of which are repeats from the day before. When you’re in a funk, pause to notice your thoughts and ask these questions: Is this really true? How is this thought making me feel? What’s another perspective? Chances are, the stories we’re making up when we’re in a funk aren’t true, and there’s always another way to look at what we perceive as a problem. Consider that self-talk is something that you have complete control over, and you might as well use it as a way to uplift (instead of tank) your wellbeing.


The possibilities are endless, but here’s a few positive thoughts to get you started:

·      I am free to think wonderful thoughts.

·      Opportunities for wonder are everywhere. I look forward to new discoveries today.

·      I am becoming all that I am created to be.

·      Peace lives within me; I inhale peace and exhale joy.

·      I’m grateful that I have clean water to drink.

·      I’m grateful that I can choose foods that nourish my body.

·      Each encounter I have today is an opportunity for connection. I welcome connection with all beings.

Share and Connect

Now that you’ve found yourself shifting out of a funk, find someone to share your better mood with. Think of it this way–funkdom is like a heavy, dark energy.  You’ve explored a few techniques and started to feel the cloud lift. Light attracts light.  if you want to keep the clouds at bay, share your light and it will increase. Everyone has the quality of inner light. Be intentional about connecting with others from the perspective of light connecting with light. Don’t look for what’s wrong in them or in you. Focus on what’s good, what feels like light, and notice how this feels.


Enjoy these practices, and hard as it may be to recognize when you’re in it–funkdom is a choice. Thankfully, so are inner peace and harmony.

Here’s a meditation on LovingKindness that can assist you in shifting next time you need it.

Be Well,