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Enhancing Wellbeing. This full semester curriculum is designed to help students explore life connections and make lasting impactful changes that enhance wellbeing and happiness. A foundational element of the course is the Wellness Inventory, an online wellbeing management program. Each week students explore a different dimension of wellbeing in class and continue their learning with content in-between classes. This holistic and integrated approach extends beyond a more traditional wellness model to demonstrate the interconnectivity of all dimensions of being. Students gain clarity and learn to make empowered choices to improve health and create more balance in life.

This course is relevant to high school and college students, as well as adult learners, and it can be delivered in an online format.  Data collected from a research pilot of this course at West Virginia University using The Perceived Stress Scale showed a significant reduction in stress levels in students after taking the Enhancing Wellbeing class.


Educational workshops are designed to enhance learning, facilitate group connection, and engage learners in the process of insightful reflection and dialogue.  Quarterly workshops addressing whole person wellbeing and/or  teacher development are offered at BlissBlissBliss and Natural Resilience. Worksites can request workshops as stand alone offerings or as a part of a series designed to address the unique needs of a their population.  Sample workshop topics are HERE


When people feel healthy and balanced, they’re better equipped to bring energy and motivation to their work and more likely to positively influence the students.  When a group of colleagues make a commitment to learning about wellbeing and supporting each other, there’s a ripple effect that positively impacts the collective.  Creating a culture of wellbeing begins with the intention and commitment to do so.  Wellbeing Solutions’ work with teams and culture includes engaged conversations to identify barriers and solutions, environmental audits to help make the healthy choice the easy choice, and educational workshops centered around dimensions of wellbeing.

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