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Organizational Action Plan

Work/life balance is considered a major stressor for the majority of Americans. Based on many studies, we also know that the greatest impact we can have on our collective health relies on keeping healthy people well. This is beyond prevention; it's actively managing ongoing wellbeing. Our approach begins with evaluation of the employer's current population via interviews with key stakeholders, focus groups, and personal assessments.  We help develop a comprehensive system that supports whole-person wellbeing, increases resiliency, reduces work related stress, and increases productivity.

As a health and productivity partner for the employer, Wellbeing Solutions:

  • Engages employees in creating a culture of wellbeing.

  • Motivates employees to define and achieve specific improvements.

  • Encourages self-responsibility for employees’ overall health and wellbeing.

  • Builds accountability for employees to continually pursue and sustain better wellbeing.

  • Provides teams with language and strategies for supporting each other.

Employee Wellbeing

Wellbeing Solutions can lead your team to higher levels of health and wellbeing with a combination these options, customized to meet situational needs:

  • Focus groups with employees to understand needs and interests.

  • Online Wellness Inventory platform for action steps and tracking progress for employees.

  • Individual and/or group coaching for employees.

  • Educational workshops based on employee issues and organizational goals.

  • Half or full day intensives customized for employee populations.

Sample Workshop Topics:

Executive Wellbeing Coaching

Engaging organizational leaders provides the optimal path to culture change and best way to motivate employees. Executives in the C-suite, VPs, directors and senior managers can benefit from individual and/or small group coaching to promote and sustain high level wellbeing.  Our executive coaching program acknowledges the time restraints on leaders and provides creative solutions to working together. Whether in person, on the phone or online, we define ways to support leaders in their personal quest for wellbeing and ways to help them leverage their choices to benefit their direct reports and teams.

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