Want to start making consistent choices that enhance your health and wellbeing? In the past two decades, developments in science have clearly demonstrated the mind-body connection. We know that there are strong relationships between our thinking, our actions and our health. So how do you connect the dots and start to live in a way that your health supports your happiness and ambitions, and your way of life supports your health?

Let Wellbeing Solutions coaching guide you to a deeper understanding and increased clarity.


Wellbeing Solutions' framework is the online wellness management tool, the Wellness Inventory, rich with articles, practices, and interactive tools to help you engage, assess, reflect and act in the dimensions of wellness most relevant to you.

Wellbeing is far more than just diet and exercise; the whole-person is addressed in 12 dimensions: Self-Responsibility and Love, Breathing, Sensing, Eating, Breathing, Feeling, Thinking, Playing and Working, Communicating, Intimacy, Finding Meaning, and Transcending. Out of balance, any of these dimensions or combination of several will impact your personal and professional lives.

You’ll have access to the tool for one year and can choose to work with your coach within the tool, and via phone or in-person meetings. There is no “end point” to achieving a higher level of wellness that’s right for you. As you achieve your wellbeing goals, we’ll be there to encourage and celebrate your success every step of the way.


Improve stress management, maintain healthy weight, gain energy, achieve your goals with results based on deeper understanding and a comprehensive approach to your life. Your Coach will help you:

  • Learn ways to improve health, happiness and wellbeing
  • Find natural approaches to reduce stress, enhance sleep, let go of pain and extra pounds
  • Set goals and create and track empowered action steps
  • Learn techniques that help you quiet your mind
  • Cultivate balance, compassion and connection in your life
  • Clarify what’s most important to you

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